once upon a time it was hard to be a woman ,but not now

once upon a time it was hard to be a woman ,but not now

once upon a time it was hard to be a woman ,but not now

She have to adjust every where and  always will be carefull for her family,A woman have the solution for every problem in the life……..

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“Women are not as strong as a man is” it was said from the previous days. We all know that being a woman have to face many routine changes in the health .A woman have to give priority to her health as the first step to go forward in life.A woman have to overcome the menstural pains every month from the age if 12 or 13 .She have to make the environment normal though she is abnormal ,she have to adjust every where .She always will be carefull of her self even in exams or important classes or some meetings or any thing ,She have to check herself evenly to avoid spotting.This is a natural process for every woman,but still this is the main reason why the man is too forward than woman.

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A woman have many responsibilities where she have to take care of all the  things and sometimes she gives up all the efforts and achievements of her like she have to leave her carrier backwards for giving birth to a baby.She gives life to a baby by leaving her life back.Awoman have more responsibilities than a man in looking after the children.A woman is blamed for any negitives in the children ,but not praised when any positive happens.She have to look after the household work,children and her carrier without any negitive remarks.

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We cant say all the woman are like this because ,nowadays we can see that many of the couples are devorcing. Actually the main reason for this devorces are the woman as they are loosing their patience .Woman’s health sometimes get so tired that they feel frustration,  irritated and often get angry soon ,which the man does not expect or does not like.Though this is a mordern world , we have our own tradition and customs followed from the past .We know that we are not following all the old traditions but some little of it the man will expect from thier wives, afterall this is India.There is nothing like getting down by obeying man ,but it is the feel of safe for man that they are mine, which is more important for a long bond of unity among the couple.As the mordern ages say that man and woman are same ,its good but keeping in view of our family we should keep the family in a safe feel mode.

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Yes, woman are not less than man but more than man these days .A little small correction can prevent many big problems .Especially for the middle class of Indians ,where Man and woman both of them will earn and and lead a busy life,there come the clashes between them because there is lack of spending time with each other .We should be proud of our Indian traditions and Customs that we follow.We all are the inspiration for others .Being together till the end of life will be a true life .

Saperation always will be a big unsolved problem for both the man or a woman and also the children, because It is India, there are lots of process to be done which always keeps you away from leading a peacefull life ,where we may feel afterwards why we have created this, we would have adjusted some how.But there will be no chance for that.

So overall by the above paras we have to confirm that a woman is very great that he bears all the changes that regularly occur in her life and she adjusts according to the situation ,she have to go only another one small step forward that she have to take granted that she have to adjust with her family also …..Its not too hard that what she had beard from her child hood or teenage or anything.This is for every Indian Woman.Its a simple step to follow  then try it ……….Nothing we loose ……..A woman have the solution for every problem in the life

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