Devotional or emotional totally gives an amazing output

Devotional or emotional totally gives an amazing output

Devotional or emotional totally gives an amazing output

Akkineni Nagarjuna’s latest movie Raju Gaari Gadi 2 is the rare character which he had done till now.

As in Soggade chinni nayana we have seen that Nag will appear as a ghost into the family and will try to help them in many ways .But here in RGG2 King Nag will be little bit sismilar to the character which have a unique story.RGG1 was directed and produced by Omkar and this RGG2 also will be directed by him.

Omkar had done a good horror comedy by his previous movie lets hope this time also he will give a good entertaining movie as he got the big hero Nag with him soo the expectations also will be big obviously.

King Nag has impressed audience by doing many types of characters which were given to him. And this time also he will surely do that as this character he was doing first time just for the change.

Hero Nag had excellent talent which shows how seriously he takes his work and submit it neatly.The character may be of devotional or emotional he totally gives an amazing output.The reports says that Nag’s daughter in law Samantha is also going to share the screen in this movie with Nagarjuna.

Though he is the father of two sons who are already engaged and to be married ,Nag looks awesome and unbelievable.As the years pass we become old, but where as Nag, as the years pass he is becoming more young than before which shows how healthy minded he is.

He said that the secret behind this young looks is “always be positive” and have “lots of water” and “little excercise” daily.

Hope The team of the movie RGG2 will be more and more entertaining than previous one .wishing the team all the very best for the success of the movie.Especially Omkar to have lots of such movies in the future……..




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